Apple Farm Sheep Canister Stoneware - ideal for Tea, Coffee or Sugar


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Few things delight quite like the pastoral calmness and unblemished beauty of the English countryside - whether it's the vibrant meadows of grazing cattle herds, tall orchard trees dotted with juicy unpicked apples, or the gentle sway of leaves blowing in the wind. They're the simple sights that leave you longing. But long no more. With KitchenCraft's Apple Farm 'Sheep' Airtight Storage Jar you can experience this picturesque elegance every day in your kitchen.

This white ceramic kitchen canister features a beautiful printed design based on an original watercolour painting. It delightfully depicts some of Apple Farm's most-loved creatures, Sally, Sean and Sophie the sheep. Finished with a hand-painted sage green sweep across its rounded base, it's the perfect piece to take pride of place on your worktop.

Generously sized, it holds up to 700 ml (24 fl oz). Fill it with a variety of dry and powdered ingredients - from loose tea leaves to wholemeal flour. Topped by a chunky handled lid and a silicone seal, it creates an airtight lock to keep freshness in and prevent perishables going off. So, you can relax and enjoy the full freshness and flavour of your brews, bakes and lots more.

Food safe
Dishwasher safe

Measures 10.5 x 17.5 cm (4 x 7 inches)
Capacity: 700 ml (24 fl oz)