Home Made Traditional Wood Butter & Gnocchi Paddles

Home Made Traditional Wood Butter & Gnocchi Paddles

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Create and shape the perfect block of home-made butter with this Home Made Set of Two Butter Paddles by Kitchen Craft. These durable paddles feature a grooved surface, which makes draining away any excess buttermilk much easier - leaving your butter with a gorgeous texture. When you've finished making, you can also use these paddles as an eye-catching way to serve your fresh butter at the table. And, with their grooves, you can also use them as gnocchi boards - they're great for forming delicious little Italian dumplings!

Each butter paddle is finished with a series of grooves. This makes it really easy for you to drain any excess buttermilk from your butter once it's formed. It also allows you to give it a beautiful texture finish. The paddles' groove are also fantastic for making fresh gnocchi with. You can roll your gnocchi dough across the board to achieve those fantastic shell-like shapes and textures. It's that simple. Why not try making sausage gnocchi?

Shape the perfect block of home-made butter or fresh gnocchi with this set of two wooden paddles
Grooved surface allows excess buttermilk to drain away during butter making - it's also great for giving a uniquely textured finish
Roll out fresh gnocchi across the grooves to achieve beautiful textures and authentic shapes
Handwash only

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