KitchenCraft 3 Piece Plastic Food Cutter With Stainless Steel Wire Slicers


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Slicing squidgy foods like boiled eggs, mushrooms and mozzarella can be tough, especially when you want nice uniform segments (and no cut fingers in the process!). Take the hassle out of this task altogether, and create perfect slices and wedges of your favourite foods with this 3-in-1 vegetable chopper.

It comes with 3 different plastic cutters with stainless steel wire and easy grip handles: a ¼ slicer for thick wedges of tomato for salads or hard boiled eggs for fish pie, a ? slicer for strawberry, kiwi and grapes for fruit salad or sangria, and a ? slicer for thinly cut mushrooms
that’ll cook evenly on pizzas or mozzarella for caprese salad.