Lovello Vanilla Cream Mechanical Food Scales


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Turn heads with your baking tools, as well as your baked goodies. With their soft contours, retro futuristic sheen and moody vanilla cream finish, KitchenCraft's Lovello Retro 5 kg kitchen scales are sure to make their mark in your kitchen.
Whether you're baking raspberry muffins or preparing a spicy poultry marinade, these mechanical cooking scales will accurately measure your ingredients. Simply pop your ingredients in the stainless steel bowl. The dial mechanism weighs up to 5 kg (11 lbs). And with the easy-to-read markings set against a clean white background, you'll have no trouble telling how much you've measured.
However, as well as being very stylish, these vanilla cream kitchen scales also boast a compact design. The rectangular shape allows them to occupy a small, space-saving footprint. So, you can conveniently keep them displayed on your worktop, for all to admire!