MasterClass 28cm Saucepan & Casserole Glass Lid

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Thanks to its high quality construction, MasterClass' Tempered Glass Saucepan Lid makes for a sturdy replacement or upgrade. It's made of special heat-resistant tempered glass, which is around four times stronger than standard glass. To give it added durability, it also features a strong stainless steel rim. This helps to protect it from chipping if you accidentally drop it. Built for busy kitchens, its clear lid makes it easy for you to check on your food from a glance. There's also a handy vent, which allows any trapped steam to escape - preventing mess boil overs. It's finished with a chunky stainless steel handle, so you'll have no trouble lifting it from or placing it on your pan.

This 28cm saucepan lid is more than a match for your daily cooking challenges!



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