Paul Hollywood Enamel Oval 18cm Pie Dish

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Whether it’s fish and chips or peaches and cream, some things are just made to go together. For many of us, enamel bakeware is synonymous with old-fashioned meat pies. Melt-in-the-mouth chicken pieces. A creamy gravy. All served in a deliciously crisp crust. Perfect.

That’s why Paul Hollywood has partnered with KitchenCraft to create his own take on the traditional oblong pie dish. Every inch is designed to make it easy to bake impeccable pies at home – from its heat distributing design that helps you achieve a crisp, even bake, to its lipped edge that ensures you get that perfect pastry rim.

This 18 x 13.5 cm (7" x 5½") dish is durable, versatile and tailor-made for modern kitchens. It’s great for baking individual meat and veg pies, one-person shepherd’s pies, or even small portions of succulent roast veg.

Suitable for all hobs (except induction)
Dishwasher safe
Fridge and freezer safe

Size: 18 x 13.5 cm / 7" x 5½"