Taylor Pro Stainless Steel Dial Classic Kitchen Timer


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Reduce the chances of ruined meals, burnt ingredients and overcooked food in your kitchen.
Set the Taylor Pro mechanical kitchen timer to count down from up to 60 minutes. When its classic dial hits zero, it sounds an extra-long, loud ring - so, you can roast, bake, cook and grill your food for exactly the time it needs, and not a minute longer.
It features a soft-touch dial and a non-slip base, both made of plastic. This means there's no slips on wet cooking surfaces to contend with, and you'll have no trouble setting the dial - even with damp hands.
With its brushed stainless steel finish, this wind up kitchen timer makes a great addition to any busy, modern kitchen. It gives it a sleek, stand-out look, plenty of durability, and helps to reduce the appearance of finger marks.
Measures Approx  9.5 x 5 cm (3½ x 2 inches)